Kirstin Genesis

Property Manager

About me

Kirstin’s motto of “Every problem has a solution” has her take property management
to an unprecedented level. Throughout her time with Prestige Group she has formed
positive, long term relationships with both landlords and tenants, always striving to
exceed expectations through a communicative and collaborative approach. No feat is
too big or too small as she approaches all challenges with zest and positivity.
Not only are Kirstin’s interpersonal skills one of the company’s greatest assets, the
contribution she has made to internal policies and procedures has been invaluable.
By understanding the company vision and translating this into strategic, attainable
and agile objectives, she has created consistency and a premium benchmark for all
staff at Prestige Group.
Kirstin was born in New Zealand and first moved to Australia in 20XX where she
settled in Brisbane and eventually Melbourne. She is now happily married and loves
spending time with her Blue Staffie fur baby, XXX. In her spare time, Kirstin will
most often be found engaging in a variety of cross training at her local F45 gym.