Mohan Sandhu

Senior Finance Consultant

A little about me

Mohan is a Finance Specialist.  Initially a Relationship Manager with Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore, he left in 2009 to start up his own mortgage broking firm, when the mortgage broking industry in Singapore was still in its infancy. Capitalising on the rapid growth of this niche market, he built a very successful business, which he eventually exited. Mohan has been invited by government organisations and numerous real estate firms to deliver public education seminars and to advice on creative real estate financing.

Mohan is passionate about helping clients reach their financial goals. He is always focused on understanding customers’ needs and delivering the right solutions. He provides valued advice to help achieve their personal and financial goals whether is it owning their own home, or securing their financial future by investing in property

Mohan’s knowledge and experience he has with finance, including loan structuring, debt restructuring, and how to fully leverage income and equity to build your property portfolio through investing in property is our clients’ biggest advantage.  He has the ability to use basic language to explain the sometimes overwhelming loan process.

He attributes his own financial success and the financial successes of his clients to the intimate knowledge he has of finance, loan structuring, and powerful strategies on how to eliminate bad debt fast and fully leverage income and equity to build a secure financial future through property investing.

Mohan is extremely personable and with his commitment to your financial needs and investment needs, provides a personalised and professional service.

Mohan is passionate about his work however his first love is his family.  He has a new born son and when he is not working, he is spending time with his family and enjoying the new experience of being a father.



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