Annie Zhong

Mandarian Speaking Property Sales Consultant

About me

Annie offers years of experience in real estate in Australia and is also well versed in the international property market. Her portfolio of clients includes Australia, Europe, United States, New Zealand and all parts of Asia.

Originally from China Annie is bilingual and she speaks both Mandarin and English.

She has worked with leading Real Estate companies and has excelled as the top sales consultants with Barry Plant.

Annie has a strong drive and focus to assist her clients with building their property portfolios. Leaving no stones upturned in her quest to obtain the best for her clients she continues to work and strive for excellence.

Annie’s passion is working with people and experience diverse cultures in her travels.

Annie’s profile in: 英语

利士集团房地产总裁,教育学学士和国际商业学士,富有多年在新西兰,澳大利亚的房地产销售经验, 曾经是新西兰,澳大利亚大牌地产公司头号销售经纪人,曾策划,营销许多大型房地产项目,成功售出千余套物业, 她的客户遍及澳大利亚,新西兰,亚太地区及欧美。